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Facebook rolled out the Timeline feature some time ago and whether you like it or not it’s here to stay. It will become mandatory on March 30, 2012. The functionality of the storytelling layout is open for debate but the cover image is a big improvement!

This really gives you a billboard to put your brand out there and by combining it with the profile image you open up another jar of creativity.

Facebook timeline cover
Artwork by Giuseppe Draicchio


The cover image is positioned at the top and uses the full width of the Facebook interface.
The size is 851×315 pixels to be exact. That’s a lot of space to display your brand! There are sites available that will help you in setting up your cover image, just Google: timeline cover service. We have created a special template in Photoshop with the exact measurements and profile picture placement to set up cover images for our clients.

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How to promote your website and increase traffic

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Every business must have a website these days. Most clients will not take you seriously if they can’t find you online. One of the first things new business owners will do is hire a web designer to get a professional site up and running but it doesn’t stop there…
If you’re getting a website build be sure to ask your service provider how you can access the website traffic statistics and keep a close eye on them. If you’re not putting any effort into promoting your website you will probably notice that you’re not getting a whole lot of traffic to your website. This means you’re not capitalizing on your online presence and missing out on a lot of potential clients. If you’re going to invest in a website you should make it worthwhile by generating as much traffic as you can!

Website traffic stats
Traffic stats improvement for a website that was launched in March

We always keep track of the website statistics for our clients and we can clearly see who is making an effort into promoting their site and who is just letting it sit.
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Portrait Illustration :: The Cartoon Avatar

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Cartoon avatars are fun! You can use them in your social media accounts, discussion forums or incorporate them into a logo design. There are free online services that can create an avatar for you but the best way to go is to design them with software programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Using a Wacom tablet will also be convenient but is not a necessity.

We recently received an exciting order that consisted of creating over a dozen avatars! These were employee avatars to be displayed on a new website we were also building for this client.

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North Battleford Web Design Services

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We design and build websites and we love what we do! Located in the North Battleford area, the RM of Round Hill to be exact. Situated on 160 acres of pure inspiration surrounded by nature and wild life. Our business setup allows us to be flexible and always available when our clients need us. Whether it’s during or after regular business hours we’re here to help you.

Our client base stretches from many clients in the Prairie Provinces to British Columbia and even Europe. Our international experience in various industries allows us to understand your business and product which we can then translate to the best possible website. A website that you can update yourself if needed or you can hire us to maintain it for you.

The services we offer:

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How to get more followers on Twitter

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This is a question many new Twitter users struggle with. They see all these big accounts with 20, 50 or even 100K followers and wonder how did they ever get there?

Today we will give you some tips and tools on how to grow your following steadily and we’ll also make sure that you stay within the Twitter guidelines to avoid account suspension. There are certain practices that are not allowed and the last thing you want is to get your account suspended after you worked hard to get a decent following.

Our Twitter stats of the last 3 months

Quality or quantity?

This is the first thing you have to ask yourself. Do you want a small group of followers where you can easily keep track of the timeline and interact with everybody or do you want to grow as big as possible and utilize Twitter lists to keep up with the tweets you care about?
If you have a Twitter account for personal use the first option will probably work best for you. If you have any commercial aspirations and would like to promote your brand or business to the world market your goal will be to reach as many potential clients as possible. Growing your Twitter following is an easy and low cost method to promote your business or brand worldwide. 

Tools of the trade

These are a few tools we use to manage our account. There are many more tools out there but today we will stick to the tools that work for us.

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How to get good quotes for your web design project

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After much brainstorming and anticipation you feel you’re ready to order a website that will move your business forward or make your organization stand out from the rest. Great!
You start to look for web design firms that have the style and vibe you are looking for but you also want the best possible Quality Price Ratio (QPR). The end result has to meet your expectations without destroying your budget!

Be prepared

The first thing most people do is send out some inquiries by email or through the developer’s website. The more details you can provide in your inquiry the more accurate the quote will be.
We often get website development inquiries that read as follows:
"Hi, how much for a website?" or "I want a site just like Facebook, deadline is next week…"
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Please update your browser!

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Older browsers may have serious security flaws that allow malicious websites to read your files, damage your files, steal your passwords and infect your computer with viruses.
It also affects the quality of websites rendering and the web developers waste their time adapting the website to render finely in these obsolete browsers. Using an updated browser will give you the best possible experience when surfing the internet!

Pick your browser of choice and see if there is a newer version for you to download:

firefox chrome internet explorersafari

Why your business should be on Twitter

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We recently came across a great summary of why you should be on Twitter and we would like to share that with you. Source for this blog post: About.com

Twitter seems to be following the same pattern that blogs did. First a few, and just for personal use. Then a lot more and an expansion of uses. And then a belated awakening by businesses that something is happening over there and it might be worth getting in on it.

Something is happening over there at Twitter and it’s well worth getting in on. Your small business should be using Twitter because:

Everyone else is doing it.
The guy who runs the convenience store down the street. The landscape architect. The shoe store owner. And lots of big companies, such as Dell, HP, AT&T and Microsoft. Having your business on Twitter is hot.

Twitter is good optics.
Using Twitter is evidence that your small business is participating in this whole social media thing and obviously a “with-it” kind of outfit that people might be interested in doing business with. It’s just not enough to have a website anymore.
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How’s your Hosting plan?

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Finding the right host and hosting package for your website is not easy if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Many website owners pay too much for their hosting plan.
How much do you pay?

When you hire somebody to build you a website make sure that you own the domain and hosting plan. You never know how the business relationship will evolve and you might want to look elsewhere someday only to find out that your are stuck at your current provider!

We always direct our clients to a reliable host in their own country that will give them the best price and good support if there is ever a problem. If your website doesn’t get enormous amounts of traffic your hosting plan should never be more than $100 a year.
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Added value for gebakster.nl

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It’s not just websites what we do! Bringing your logo idea to life and setting up your business card are just two of the other services we offer our clients. That was just what the owner of gebakster.nl needed after we finished her business website.

The logo was created by us alongside the website design. She wanted a logo of her working in the kitchen making a cake so we got here to take a picture of her in action and recreated that in Adobe Illustrator which turned out like this:

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